You might be wondering...

  • What is Homeworthy?

    Homeworthy is the future of SOLD. We are a technology enabled licensed real estate brokerage on a mission to help homeowners save tens of thousands of dollars on their home sale while providing top tier service throughout the experience.

  • Why should I sell my home with Homeworthy?

    There are many reasons why there is an advantage to selling your home with Homeworthy. It all starts with 365 day a year support. Homeworthy homes generally sell 18% faster that the national average. You also save more in the process as well, with Washington homeowners saving $15,000 on average when there home sells. These are just a few reasons why Homeworthy is your best option when you decide to sell.

  • What’s the catch?

    There’s no catch at all! Homeworthy was built with the homeowner in mind first and foremost. We believe that the traditional 6% fee structure is not only outdated, but completely unfair to homeowners.

  • How does Homeworthy make money?

    We charge each homeowner that choses to list with Homeworthy a $3,995 listing fee. We do not charge any upfront fees for our service. Homeworthy is paid on the closing day of your home sale.

  • Will a real agent represent me?

    Absolutely. Homeworthy is licensed and insured in the states of Washington & Oregon as a real estate brokerage. Homeworthy is made up of a team of licensed Homeworthy Advisors to assist you with every step of the home selling process.

  • How accurate is the Homeworthy valuation?

    Homeworthy uses proprietary technology and hundreds of local data points to determine the best price to list your home at. Our technology is powered by machine learning that has been extensively tested and is accurate to nearly 2% of the projected price that your home will sell for.

  • If my home doesn’t sell, do I still have to pay Homeworthy?

    No. You only pay at the time your home sells.

  • How are you different from other low fee brokerages?

    Many low fee brokerages provide a low cost, but offer a lower than expected customer service and product experience. With Homeworthy, you get access to a team of licensed experts 7-days a week, best in class photography, flyers, signage, and more. For a low flat fee of $3,995.