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Snooping Danielle Fichera's Nolita Apartment

Danielle is a native New Yorker who describes her luxury resort wear line as infusing "wanderlust with easy sophistication." And it's true! Her dresses are absolutely dreamy. And you know what else is dreamy? Her Roman and Williams-designed downtown apartment where she's lived for the past eight years. Let's get snooping.

HOMEWORTHY: How do you describe your interior design style?

DANIELLE FICHERA: My apartment is quite eclectic. I am a collector of all sorts of things, whether it be books, interesting objects from my travels, mid century modern furniture, vintage glassware, and art - so my apartment reflects that. 

HOMEWORTHY: What are your favorite things in your home?

DF: “Wallpaper” by James King is my favorite object in my home. I purchased it on holiday while in Ramatuelle, France at “Studio Alm." Studio Alm is one of my favorite shops, owned by the very talented interior designer Marjolaine Leray. The painting currently hangs next to my bed. I also absolutely love the grey Moroccan bone inlay vanity in my bedroom. I purchased it from 1stdibs several years ago.

HOMEWORTHY: What item have you splurged on?

DF: My butterfly drinking glasses from Talmaris in Paris. I wanted them for a very long time and then one day I finally caved and purchased them for my birthday.

HOMEWORTHY: What is on your wish list?

DF: Galerie Agnès Sandahl in Vallauris, France is one of my favorite places. She is an incredible art dealer and tableware manufacturer. She works and operates her business out of Picasso’s former kiln. She makes the most incredible pottery, and I have coveted some of her Tagines for a very long time. Originally they were made for the King and Queen of Morocco. They are quite large and quite expensive, so in time I hope to have more space and be able to purchase them then. I love to cook Moroccan food, so they would be perfect. 

HOMEWORTHY: Any sneaky decorating tricks?

DF: Don’t be afraid to paint your walls black or almost black, as long as you have enough light. I love that my living room and kitchen walls are almost black- I find it calming in a chaotic city. With that being said, I also love adding color throughout my home through art, pillows, bedding, tableware and accessories. 

HOMEWORTHY: Tips for living small in New York City?

DF: Declutter (constantly). I have a weakness for knick-knacks, and do not gravitate towards a minimalist aesthetic. However, I am not a fan of clutter. Therefore, I must constantly be decluttering and editing my space in order to keep it looking clean and open. There is a fine balance between an eclectic collection of objects and clutter. 

HOMEWORTHY: Go-to hostess gift?

DF: A good candle is always my first choice! I prefer giving candles from Byredo, Diptyque, or Cire Trudon

Photos by Gieves Anderson

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